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benefits of salmon
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7 benefits of salmon do not know it all!
Meh many benefits we know about salmon, but with recent studies show more features that we do not know about him. Here are seven benefits for the salmon do not know it so do not hesitate for a moment to handle.
1. eating salmon makes you smarter and happier: Npsh brain consists of 60 percent fat, mostly from omega fatty acids 3 DHA. Due to the richness of the salmon eaten pal DHA helps to reduce the risk of depression. Taken regularly also it helps to reduce atrophy in the brain as a result of aging.
2. eating salmon helps to improve cardiovascular health: salmon contains high levels of omega fatty acids 3 EPA and DHA. These fats are several features to improve heart health and reduce the incidence of infections and protection from excessive blood clotting and help dilate the arteries. So when you eat salmon twice or three a week, you can believe in the protection of several problems Kalzbhh heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels.
3. Salmon protects your eyes: shows that eating salmon twice a week reduces the risk of infection in the eye network atrophied significantly. Note that this atrophy, which could happen with age, may lead to loss of sight. To address the condition known as dry eye syndrome, try eating salmon or four servings per week.
4. Salmon is an excellent source of vitamin "d" is to maintain the required levels of vitamin "d" key to maintaining health. The shortfall in it, it has been shown that it increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetes first type.
5. Salmon helps you sleep: the salmon is an excellent source of TRyptophan which helps sleep. Several studies have shown that it helps people who suffer from a mild case of insomnia, to sleep and shorten the time needed for Agfae.
6. help the growth of the brain of children: when you eat salmon during pregnancy or during breast-feeding on the development of your child's ability to learn and improve their academic skills. Salmon contains high levels of the DHA, which is the primary fatty acid in the nervous system. So it helps kids eat salmon before the age of entry into school, improve academic performance and on the prevention of the case and the lack of hyperactivity ADHD focus.
7. Salmon is active in the treatment of tartar and other arthritis and helps to strengthen bones and increase the intensity.